Looking to turn an unfinished basement into a space the whole family can enjoy? Designing a finished basement requires what some might call childhood imagination.” Just imagine remodeling the basement into a family movie theater, or an adult play room, or an indoor playground for the kids! Call 1-888-399-4067 to discuss your basement remodeling plan with our specialists or click below to request your free design estimate! Basement Flooring & Carpeting- Craftsmen always uses organically neutralized carpet pads to curtail the possibility of mold growth under your carpet, traditionally the most mold-prone area of the basement.

Our basement renovation products are top of the line basement finishing products, leading the standards in quality, durability and design. With professional basement finishers in every part of Cincinnati, Southeast Indiana and Northern Kentucky, we can start most projects within 2 weeks of signing.basement remodeling

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Being prepared for the unexpected is a great virtue- especially when you’re remodeling the basement. If you take a look at most basement decorating ideas, you’ll see that typically bigger is better. The standard approach is to put the studs right against the basement wall, fill the center with insulation batts, and then cover the inside with a vapor barrior. Materials may also come available for reasonable prices at a time that is still far from your planned basement remodeling schedule. That would be far more cost effective, and it will brighten up the space amazingly. Probably the best basement remodeling idea is to turn that dark, creepy space into a warm and inviting family room. A professional team can take a basement from framing to finished in as little as 45 days. Basement design – If you want to change the layout, put up walls and carve out designated spaces, turn to us.

Click any image to see a larger view and read more about the specific Southeastern Wisconsin basement remodeling work done. A Basement Kitchen is a great wayto transform your Basement into a beneficial and enjoyable room. Those that have had their basements finished by our professional Boston remodeling contractors agree that finishing your basement is a valuable investment. There is a cost vs. value section which outlines by region what certain types of remodeling projects cost, on average, and what you get back for the spend when you sell. Getting a mortgage is more difficult these days and I doubt any bank would finance a basement only” house. At Pachota Construction, we possess the extensive knowledge required to remodel your basement so it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.basement remodelingbasement remodeling