Our master bathroom was recently remodeled by JW. Jay Willans, our contractor, and his crew did a fantastic job! Basically what you want to do when you’ve got all these samples is lay them all out along with your other bathroom elements. Remember, if the number sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Good luck to all with their remodeling projects. Don’t get too close when using flash because it can cause your pictures to be over exposed and dissolve into white. I’d also like to explain that it wasn’t precisely a working bathroom when we acquired the property in 2007.

Satisfy your bathroom remodeling needs with classic or contemporary bathroom designs, vintage elegant accents with a claw-foot tub and reclaimed hardware. As previously mentioned, when having your bathroom remodeled, you have a choice as to whether you want to do your own remodeling or a have a professional do it for you. For more information about bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, and other interior remodeling services offered by Gilbert Design Build, contact us today. Nothing looks worse than having dated appliances in a home that also cost a considerable amount of money because they are not energy efficient. The bathroom was sort of nice compared to the wall-to-wall royal blue flower print carpeting, the peach floor tile, the mint green walls and dark wood paneling. The light fixture we put in is a freebie from my Dad’s bathroom renovation (score!).bathroom remodelbathroom remodel

In cases like this, working with a bath remodel service will not only save you time and unnecessary frustration, it could also save you money in the long run. Take pictures before, during and after your bathroom remodel then transfer them to your PC and organise them into some order. It’s best to use natural light whenever you can but the flash on your camera can be very useful when the light is poor or you want to take pictures of shaded objects. This process takes about 7 – 14 days for an average 40-70 square foot bathroom. If remodeling is what you have in mind, then give it a good look, and determine if there are fixtures or elements that could stay and reduce your remodeling budget. Funny how a tiny bathroom can take a whole post to tour, but all sorts of effort was put into this remodel.bathroom remodel

No matter what your ideal dream bathroom is, whether it be a smaller bathroom renovation, or a complete custom master bathroom suite remodel, a qualified Stebnitz Builders designer is here to listen! However, for a more custom look, you can piece together a bathroom vanity with cabinetry topped with a material of your choice and a sink.

It was a part of a larger project but he made some design recommendations in the bathroom that really changed it from good to great! Asking questions, setting realistic expectations, cost estimates and budgeting from the start can mean the difference between finding a contractor you trust and enjoy working with versus a long and trying few weeks. If you plan to retire in your home now would be the time to consider an Atlanta bathroom upgrade and plan for your needs 10 to 20 years down the road. I need to take three bathrooms in my 1924 Berkeley house down to the studs to remodel them. It is also important to mention that bathroom remodeling projects can help to increase a home’s value.