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A contractor is an organisation or individual who directly employs or engages construction workers or as part of their business carries out, manages or controls construction work (e.g. building, altering, maintaining or demolishing). License Name and Mode of Operation – A contractor’s license is obtained as a Sole Proprietor, Corporation, Partnership or LLC, and issued in the exact name listed on the financial statement, which is provided by the owner of the entity (FYI – designated Qualifying Agents are not considered the owner of the license).contractor

Ø Evaluation of work shall be carried out by new rate other than agreed in the BOQ if the quantity is increased by more than 10% and value by more than 0.01% of accepted contract amount provided the rate revision sought by contractor exceed 1% of the cost per unit quantity as per rate schedule.

Integrated building systems” (IBS) or Voice/Data/Video” (VDV) electrical contractors …

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Every Homeowner needs help around the house from small repairs or spruce-ups to renovations. That means if someone causes injury or property damage on the job and he or she is your employee, your business can be held liable and the injured party can seek reimbursement or damages from you and your insurance company. Ø The contractor shall comply with the remedial instructions within a reasonable time, otherwise Employer shall be entailed to employ & pay other persons to carry out the work. If you are hired as a contractor incorrectly rather than as an employee, then you may miss out on your minimum employment entitlements and KiwiSaver employer subsidy (NZ resident).

An ideal contractor for an agency is someone who the client wants to hire, and who is willing to work for the lowest possible rate, and who will keep the client happy by turning up every day and …

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For the most part, none of us have ever gotten a job without at least a cursory interview. Ø The contractor to ascertain all necessary information regarding risks & contingencies including, nature of site & subsurface conditions the laws, procedures, & labour practices of the country. Liability and medical insurance for contractors may or may not be required in your state, but it should be for anyone working in your home! Read our free Contractor guides, packed full of specialist independent financial advice tailored to your unique needs as a freelancer. However, she is planning on opening another location soon and she will not be using that contractor again.

Contractor can claim time extension and cost for complying with the Engineer’s instructions provided suspension is not for reasons on the contractor’s side. Ask for copies of insurance certificates, and make sure they’re current, or you could be held liable for …

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Any changes to business name, address, contact information or license type may be submitted via email. In addition to this, they should show proof of current registration status from their country of domicile or origin further to the provisions of section 18 of the this National Construction Authority Act; sufficient proof of financial capability of the contractor; and proof of employment of qualified persons by the contractor.

The Ministry of Public Works categorized contractors according to the value of work but the National Construction Authority (NCA) categorizes them according to capability and further according to whether they are Contractors (Buildings), Specialist Contractors and Roads and other Civil Works Contractors.

The general contractor may attempt to seek redress with the subcontractor, or have defined terms in the contract with a subcontractor stipulating that the liability would be more evenly shared.Frequently, though, hiring a subcontractor, or several, is a way to avoid …

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The Better Business Bureau (BBB) logged almost 10,000 complaints last year against contractors showing that many Americans have difficulty finding reputable contractors. Verify he has workman’s compensation insurance in case a worker is injured in the home, and general liability insurance for any damage that might accidentally happen to house. Fraud victims describe 5-star ratings of BuildTrend Construction on as a driving influence in their unfortunate introductions to this crooked contractor ring.

For those who ever go through this process, hopefully you will get a feeling of relaxation and feeling like you are working with a reliable and trustworthy home improvement contractor. While simply building something requires training and knowledge, people who are specialists better perform certain types of subcontractor and the general contractor are served well by being able to form good working relationships with each other. You have to know just before work begins, the length of time …