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How To Install a Deadbolt

Rather than trusting the security of your home with the spring-loaded door knob, the deadbolts offers enhanced security. A key has to be used to open a deadbolt from any side. It is not complicated if you need to place a deadbolt for your door. You can always to the manufacturers deadbolt installation manual. Nevertheless, reading this articles will make the process much simpler.

Start by reading on the manufacturer’s instructions template. It features reference points that will be marked on the door using an awl. This position should not be less than six inches above the door knob

What follows is drilling in the hole for the deadbolt. The holes should be cut where your marked the reference points from the manufacturer template. Cut the holes using a hole saw.Finishing the hole from the other side of the door will prevent splinters. You can use a standard bit to drill the hole in case you hole saw isn’t deep enough to penetrate the breadth of the door.
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The third step involves drilling a hole through the edge of the door. You need to use 11/2″ spade bit drill. Mortise the area around the faceplate. Use a wood chisel to make sure that it flushes with the door. The rounded corners will call for a smaller chisel.
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The next step involves securing the bolt to the door. As long as the faceplate has not fit perfectly, you need to continue with mortising. Use screws to fasten the deadbolt to the door.

The nest stage is the installation of the cylinder and the thumb level. To begin with, fix the exterior side while making sure that the writing is upright. Then move on the interior and tighten the screws with the mounting holes inside the lock. To fasten the deadbolt, make use of screws.

With paint or lipstick, mark the tip of the bolt. Shut the door and by severally turning the bolt, maker the door frame. The 7/8″ spade bit should be applied to drill two holes in the door frame for the deadbolt. To ensure that the strike bolts are flush with the door frame, continue to mortise the holes. Fasten the bolts using screws on the holes made.

Having done this, your home security is enhanced than relying on the standard spring-loaded door knob.In case you feel that the procedure is somehow complex for you, you beer seek an expert to do it for you. It is imperative that you avoid mistakes that can lose you if you do it on your own. .Otherwise keep referring to the guide and manufacturers template to get it right.