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Installing aerolite ceiling can prove to me a cheaper option for you when considering roof insulation options. Aerolite ceiling is likely to address your problems related to sporadic changes in temperature in your surrounding and eventually creating a relaxing atmosphere in your house with minimum energy requirements. Above all, this type of insulation is cost effective because it is durable and it protects your home legitimately. Some of the benefits attached to the use of Aerolite ceiling insulation are summarized below.

Minimization temperature change effects – You can create a favorable working condition or a relaxing atmosphere at your home by installing aerolite ceiling insulation which regulates your premise environment temperatures effectively without any further costs on energy bills which are unique characteristic with other typical roof insulation materials.

Aerolite is NonCombustible – Aerolite has glass fiber insulation which means that it does not burn. It has the highest fire ratings. This property makes it usable in high-temperature environments such as boilers and stoves. Glass-fibre is an important feature of aerolite that makes it heat resistant.

Aerolite is Asbestos Free – Aerolite does not have any asbestos components, and therefore, it is environmentally friendly, and it is not a health hazard. 80% reused glass and sand are its main components. Aerolite has been in use for approximately 70 years, and it is the type of insulation which is widely recognized. It has a useful duration of nearly 50 years.

Climatic Zones and Aerolite – The climate conditions in a region can significantly affect the thickness of aerolite that one installs in his ceiling for insulation purposes. One has to install thick roof insulation for areas with cold environmental conditions.

Soundproofing – Apart from its primary role of temperature control, Aerolite insulation has sound absorption properties. Establishing aerolite on the walls and roof of your apartment will ensure that you are not affected by the sounds from outside. Sounds inside your apartment will also be regulated accordingly. The sound proof feature is an outstanding feature that makes it suitable for a building where silence is necessary.

Economical – Everyone wants to get the best from any activity that he performs, and at the same time, he wants to spend less on the work. In economics, this behavior is referred to as being rational. Aerolite ceiling insulation provides the best option regarding cost savings. If you decide to install aerolite ceiling insulation will be able to benefit from both financial and non-financial gains that may be realized in the long run.

No effects on the ozone layer – Aerolite does not have greenhouse gases that can affect the ozone layer. Therefore, it doesn’t harm the ozone layer in any manner. Aerolite does not have any (ODP) ozone depletion potential. This property is another one that makes it environmentally friendly and suitable for use by humans.