Planning A Remodeled Basement

Putting on an addition to the house is one way of adding square footage, but finishing a basement is another, and often more cost effective way to add value to your home. Remember, basement remodeling in Philadelphia and kitchen remodeling in Montgomery County, PA is no easy task. Please visit Portfolio page to have a look at the basements that have been recently completed by Basement Masters. The versatility of our basement finishing system allows for you to do virtually anything you want with your basement.basement remodeling

At Connecticut Basement Systems , our mission is to provide you with responsible basement finishing, at a fair price, while providing exceptional customer service. Deciding the end result of your basement is the first move towards complete basement renovation. With the expertise of our trained contractors, we can transform your unfinished basement into whatever you want, whether it’s a room for entertaining, working out or a large office. See that your east metro residence lives up to its maximum potential by choosing the best to improve your home by means of finishing your basement. Our remodeling process is easy, risk-free, and adds value to your home investment.

Basement finishing – If your space needs refreshing, such as walls finished and vents and pipes disguised artfully, we are the ones to call. Too many times during home remodeling projects, homeowners are left in the dark or are frustrated by the process. Whatever your basement renovation plans, Monk’s Home Improvements is ready to deliver a completed product you’ll love.

A functional type accessible from some companies is just a self-contained ducted model which it has the cooling potential to be found in any size cellar and offers utmost flexibility in design and installation. Our unique approach to providing you with excellent service begins with a personal meeting to discuss your home improvement plans. A basement renovation brings with it specific safety concerns uniquely related to below-ground living spaces. At Pann Home Services, we believe your basement should be an extension of your home!basement remodeling

We can handle all of your basement remodeling needs AND provide effective radon testing- that’s where the Plus” comes from in our namesake. What makes basement remodeling in Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA great is that the options are endless. We had the ceiling and whole basement professionally done so I really have no idea what type of paint sprayer they used. Basement rooms can be used for many purposes: laundry, home theater, game playing, hobbies and crafts, and the list goes on. There are many building codes intended to ensure the safety of occupants that apply to all of the above. A thorough evaluation of your basement is important to give the proper solution to whatever moisture or water problems. Depending on what you are using your basement for, you may wish to add more natural lighting. A basement remodeling founded by giving permanent solution to future problems would result to lesser costs in the long run with less risks of maintenance.basement remodeling