Room Additions Are A Blessing!

MK Construction Specialists is a premier home remodeler specializing in room additions. I created these room addition plans to transform my general contractor experience into information people can use to make these complex renovations a lot simpler to research and eventually build. If buying new furniture doesn’t help, you can make a more drastic change by remodeling a portion of your house. Whether you envision a home theater room or a family room, we have the skilled tradesmen to build in the cabinetry and configurations for music components and wide screen TV. A bar and a snack area or kitchenette is frequently included. These are all the small and cheap changes that you can make to your house while additions

It really depends on how nice you make them…marble floors cost more than vinyl tile….but most places you can get additions done between 120-150 sq ft, custom houses 200-250 square foot. Our room addition contractors at DM Building are professionally trained to build additions that appear as if they have always been a part of the home, but now provide that extra space for functionality and comfort. Room additions should flow seamlessly with the original architecture of the home, and not look or feel like an old space and a new space have been sewn together. The specific layout of a house will be a determining factor as to where the room addition can be added.

One significant difference between room additions for new kitchens versus gutting your current one is that you can use the one you have while a turnkey replacement takes shape. They then move their furniture out into the Sun Room, leaving the living room or family room as this unused space between – a space that is just walked through and not used, and ends up as a wasted-space junk accumulator in the house. Most customers have a pre-conceived idea of how much their room addition will cost. If you are interested in adding a family room in your home, the cost could run up to $7,500. If your St. Louis home could use a little extra space, contact Barker & Son – Design/Construction for a free, in-home room addition consultation today We can create a custom home addition that not only adds space to your home, but also adds appeal.

Shoot for at least more than one and if possible 4 or 5 recommendations of prospective home remodeling contractors. When adding a room to your home, the careful selection of an experienced remodeling company is critical to the success of your project. Garage Conversion – Convert your existing garage into a room with a garage conversion. Your budget will help determine the size of your room addition and the types of building materials you will use. You might choose cooler colors for a more formal room and warmer colors for a retreat. We never cut corners or sacrifice the integrity of the design and functionality of your new room addition in additions

With over 20 years of construction experience at our disposal, we know that a room addition must match up precisely with the existing structure and must be consistent stylistically so that your addition looks like an original part of the house. It’s reasonable for contractors to expect some money in advance, and then again after specific milestones during the course of the additions