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What Makes Nightlock Door Security a Great Lock A new way door designed lock to help prevent forced entry and home invasion, the nightlock can be installed in just minutes on any type of door with simple tools like a drill and a screw driver. It boasts a solid extruded aluminum construction and is capable of resisting even an extreme violent force like a sledge hammer or those type of tools that police use to force themselves in. This door security has an appealing anodized finish which complements the hardware and decor of your door. These types of security devices are positioned beside your door and the floor. There are many things included in this security product when you first purchase it like complete instructions, matching screws and plastic anchors so that it can be mounted on different kinds of floors like ceramic tile, marbles, or concrete. Anyone with no experience in “do-it-yourself” behavior can install this to protect your home and loved ones. These security locks come with different designs and uses like the single and double entry doors, and one for use for class rooms and another for sliding patio doors. This patented nightlock home security product is not similar to other commonly used door reinforcements which are mostly mounted on the middle side of your door and your door jamb. You can use this nightlock security device to barricade you door but access control from outside is not possible. And because they are mounted on the floor they are more rigid because you have the whole floor to back its holding ability than merely the thickness of your door jamb which can wear easily when an extreme force is used. What is getting popular right now are barricade locks that supplement door braces or brackets, although there are security codes that this breaks which does not allow people to be locked inside without any form of access from the outside. This is so that in case fire breaks out or any untoward incident happens, the occupant inside will be prevented from being locked up or trap inside when they are unable to dislodge the barricade.
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Sometimes it is good to be barricaded in especially when you life is threatened like when there is a shooter that is running amuck shooting people randomly or when people force themselves inside homes which happens even to the most secure communities.
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Of course there are expensive alternatives in comparison to this appealing aspects of barricade locks which are low cost. These devices can be accessed from anywhere using electronic devices. But that’s just it, you have to brave yourself from paying out a large amount of money not only for the hardware, the installation, and other fees to maintain your account with the provider.