Any changes to business name, address, contact information or license type may be submitted via email. In addition to this, they should show proof of current registration status from their country of domicile or origin further to the provisions of section 18 of the this National Construction Authority Act; sufficient proof of financial capability of the contractor; and proof of employment of qualified persons by the contractor.

The Ministry of Public Works categorized contractors according to the value of work but the National Construction Authority (NCA) categorizes them according to capability and further according to whether they are Contractors (Buildings), Specialist Contractors and Roads and other Civil Works Contractors.

The general contractor may attempt to seek redress with the subcontractor, or have defined terms in the contract with a subcontractor stipulating that the liability would be more evenly shared.Frequently, though, hiring a subcontractor, or several, is a way to avoid problems in construction.

For instance, a roofing contractor should guarantee the roof will not leak after the job for a set period of time and should return to patch any areas of trouble without paying additional monies, if the quality fails to live up to the work agreement.contractorcontractor

The policy should always be in the joint names of the Employer and Contractor although the Contract may stipulate that the Bank or Financing institutions are also named in the policy, depending upon their specific requirements for providing project financing.contractor