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The Importance of Having A Meaningful Logo for Your Brand

There are a lot of brand logos that we can easily identify no matter where we are.

A lot of famous company brands have already achieved recognition or acceptance from a lot of people across the globe and have already made their products and services known by their target clients and users.

But, you must always remember that these companies have gone through critical planning and thinking before they became successful. Read this article to be enlightened.

There are a lot of brand logos from various brands that bears an interpretation and interpretation behind it.

What does Adidas Logo Mean
There are a lot of various logos that represents different kinds of companies, whether promoting the best vacuum cleaner or those offering services such as carpet cleaning.

There are several company logos that we already recognize due to it popularity and these include the brand of Adidas that has three stripes logo. However, do you have an idea that its logo means a mountain?

The meaning behind the Adidas logo is a mountain because it symbolizes the milestones and obstacles that an athlete must conquer to be able to become a super star.

The Meaning Behind the Arrow Of Amazon’s Logo
The logo of Amazon and its smiling arrow can easily be identified and recognized by people, most especially those individuals that are fond of buying stuff online. However, you may notice something on the logo of Amazon and its smiling arrow if you look closely. After looking closely, were you able to notice that the logo’s arrow points from letter A to Z of the word Amazon.

The interpretation of the logo of Amazon and its arrow pointing from the letter A to Z means that Amazon offers everything that you need from A to Z and it has been true in most instances.

The Meaning of the Logo of FedEx

The logo of FedEx also bears an arrow. If you have a great attention to detail, you will discover how awesome the logo of FedEx is since you will see that the letters between E and X of FedEx forms a white arrow. The arrow formed in the space between letters E and X of FedEx means that they assure you that they will be able to transport your packages in no time.

The Meaning Of Nike’s Swoosh
What are the reasons behind this logo? Believing in yourself is one of the most important thing that you must do to be able to achieve your goals. The one who conceptualized and designed the Nike Swoosh was Carolyn Davis and she was requested to design a logo for the brand while she was currently enrolled in design school.

The most popular logo of Nike only cost around $35.

However, one of the most amazing benefits that Carolyn gets is that she was awarded with 500 shares of the Nike stocks.

The explanation behind the Nike Swoosh is that it shows the relevance of creating a logo with a particular product in your head.

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