What You Should Know About Safe Rooms

Depending on where you come from, a safe room can also be referred to as a panic room. In a layman’s language, a safe room may be described as a fortified room that is usually located in a business premise or a private resident. For starters, the main purpose of this protected room is to offer a shelter that is safe or a place to hide in case of a break-in. It can offer a safe shelter in case of a threat, tornado, and hurricane as well as during a home invasion. If you decide to go for a modern, safe house, it is often equipped with modern communication equipment that is supposed to allow you to communicate with relevant authorities. If you are looking for a safe house, you can try this out.

Basic construction

Modern doors consist of an exterior grade solid door. This door replaces the normal hollow core door. However, the exterior grade solid door has some modifications such as longer screw hinges and even a deadbolt. These doors are also fitted with strike plate screws that are supposed to protect the door from battering. At the same time, you will find some safe houses that have reinforced ceiling with the aim of preventing entry from the crawl space located on the ceiling. If you decide to go for pricier safe rooms, they will have steel reinforced walls and doors. They may also be fitted with Kevlar or bullet-resistant fiberglass. Also, these expensive safety rooms are fitted with a ventilation system coupled with a separate telephone line. If you decide to go for a safe room in the basement, it is possible to construct one with concrete walls. However, this is not possible if you go for a safe room in the upper floors of a wooden structure. If you were to achieve this, it would require investing in structural reinforcement.

Special safe rooms

The US state department is known to build safe rooms for their operatives. As for the department, their safe rooms are reinforced using steel grillwork. To better understand how they look like, they resemble the grillwork that is used in jails. If your safe room is for tornado protection, there are some modifications that you should make. For instance, it should be strong enough to ensure that it cannot be uplifted during the disaster. You should ensure that the door, ceiling, and walls are strong enough to resist wind pressure.

Features of a safe room

Communication equipment that should be found in a safe room includes amateur radio, trans-receiver, land-line as well as a cellular telephone. At the same time, the safe room should have an alarm system, security cameras, and a peep hole. Survival and emergency kits should also be in a safe room. This includes items such as self-defense tools, packaged water as well as a first aid kit. There should be a portable toilet in the room and a gas mask.


This article offers an insight of a safe room. Throughout the article, common construction techniques of a safe room have been discussed. The article concludes by discussing simple features that should be found in a safe room.