If your home has space in the underground that is left unfinished during construction, you would have probably used that space as a dumping area to stuff various items. Designing a finished basement requires what some might call childhood imagination.” Just imagine remodeling the basement into a family movie theater, or an adult play room, or an indoor playground for the kids! Call 1-888-399-4067 to discuss your basement remodeling plan with our specialists or click below to request your free design estimate! Basement Flooring & Carpeting- Craftsmen always uses organically neutralized carpet pads to curtail the possibility of mold growth under your carpet, traditionally the most mold-prone area of the basement.basement remodelingbasement remodeling

We can build a totally functional living space in your basement or simply keep it protected against water and mold so it can be used for extra storage. It has all of these basement costs broken down per square foot so you can play with different variables.

As a prominent St. Paul home building and remodeling company we have completed many basement finishing projects and all to the homeowner’s content. Basement refinishing requires a level of expertise to ensure the contracting work is done safely and to code. We would happily offer you with good quality ceiling, floor and walls to make your basement safe, clean and dry. Our basement remodeling process is easy, risk-free and adds value to your home investment at nearly 50{c710a8be5ec5f094f9ea1aa0e48afca5f72904dd0222e63a61a44f47cdd3ad7b} the cost of building an addition.

Once the identification and remediation of basement problem areas is finished, the next step is determining a layout for the space. We feel this is one of the best pricing estimators available on-line, and if it is of value to you please tell your friends, and neighbors who are interested in finishing their basement. Once the contractors know that you know what your talking about – they’re less likely to try and take advantage of you by overpricing the job – which in this case I think they clearly did! For many homeowners, the basement is the ideal place to start a remodeling project.basement remodeling

Make a list of the materials you will need and phone some hardware stores to get an idea of what your repairs and remodeling are going to cost. We not only create beautiful designs on paper, but also to actually implement your ideas in a timely, cost-efficient manner. The basement is traditionally known as the dampest and most moist area of the home, and this dampness and moistness contributes to poor air quality. There is usually quite a bit of noise involved in complete basement remodeling, but we will prepare you as best as possible. In modern homes, waterproofing the basement is already part of the design process and custom home builders would incorporate all the necessary methods and materials that basements would need to achieve proper waterproofing.