We provide the skill and craftsmanship you need to create the bathroom you’ve been dreaming about. Use our handy (and free) kitchen cost calculator to help you come up with an estimate. Vanities are getting bigger and bigger every year, and for good reason — bathroom storage is in constant demand. Your ideas combined with our innovative remodeling plans will get you a bathroom that makes you want to stay those few extra minutes in the shower, just enjoying the atmosphere.

While it may be tempting to remodel your bathroom to the latest trend or cutting-edge design, if you’re remodeling for resale, try to stick with more traditional or mainstream design and material choices. Approach your contractor with many examples of your remodel ideas, including pictures from home decor magazines, links to bathroom design ideas on the web and paint chips from the hardware store. No remodel is complete until the finishing touches have been added — in this case, the bathroom decor. From TV’s, music speakers and steam showers, your home’s bathroom can be a sanctuary. Every detail of the transformation is taken care of and Metro Bathrooms can work within your budget and will ensure all costs are upfront.

To qualify you must be planning on building a renovation project within a year and want expert help to develop a realistic budget. These bathroom pieces are anyway cheaper compared to others; therefore, it will not hurt your budget too much. We could compare tiles, marble, and granite together with all of the accessories – essentially view at once what all of the colors and materials in our new bathroom would look like. Our team of experienced craftsmen will make sure every detail from bathtubs, showers and bathroom vanities, to bathroom tiles and flooring are expertly installed for your lasting enjoyment. Delays can be an inconvenience for an owner(kitchen) but cost $$$$ for the contractor due to time lost. Never pay more than a third of the total cost of the project of the down payment, and never pay in cash.bathroom renovationbathroom renovation

If you are considering that kind of work, you’ll need architectural designs from a registered architect and you’ll need to plan for the cost of plumbing permits, high insurance coverage requirements, and more specialized services that require a licensed plumber overseeing the project.

We understand that the need for a bathroom remodel in Austin Tx is a real one; driven by, among other reasons, the need to increase the functionality of any one restroom in a house, raise the standards of a restroom to look as good as upcoming modern ones, increase space and or other facilities such as sinks, vanity, tubs, and showers among others or just for fix up purposes.bathroom renovation