A contractor is an organisation or individual who directly employs or engages construction workers or as part of their business carries out, manages or controls construction work (e.g. building, altering, maintaining or demolishing). License Name and Mode of Operation – A contractor’s license is obtained as a Sole Proprietor, Corporation, Partnership or LLC, and issued in the exact name listed on the financial statement, which is provided by the owner of the entity (FYI – designated Qualifying Agents are not considered the owner of the license).contractor

Ø Evaluation of work shall be carried out by new rate other than agreed in the BOQ if the quantity is increased by more than 10{c710a8be5ec5f094f9ea1aa0e48afca5f72904dd0222e63a61a44f47cdd3ad7b} and value by more than 0.01{c710a8be5ec5f094f9ea1aa0e48afca5f72904dd0222e63a61a44f47cdd3ad7b} of accepted contract amount provided the rate revision sought by contractor exceed 1{c710a8be5ec5f094f9ea1aa0e48afca5f72904dd0222e63a61a44f47cdd3ad7b} of the cost per unit quantity as per rate schedule.

Integrated building systems” (IBS) or Voice/Data/Video” (VDV) electrical contractors work primarily with low-voltage installations, including back-up power, climate controls, wireless networks, energy-efficient lighting, telecommunications, fiber optics, and security systems.contractor

If the project is for repairing damage, check with your insurance company first to verify that your insurance will cover the repairs before you sign a contractor. Ø If contract does not includes schedule of payments, contractor to submit non-binding estimate of payment during each quarterly periods, starting from 42 days after the commencement date. Most electrical contractors are specialists to one degree or another, so it helps to identify your particular need before you start calling. California has a very drastic remedy for consumers who hire unlicensed contractors.

A building contractor is an individual who engages in the planning, developing and coordinating of activities which coincide with the building of structures. Since some contractors can get carried away with marking up prices, you might want to call the suppliers yourself to determine how much the materials cost without the mark-up. Not only does a General Contractor hire the necessary sub-contractors, but he will often manage the schedule, the project budget, and all the payments as well (if you want him to).contractor