The kitchen is the heart of every home, and an Eat-in-Kitchen House Plan ensures that everyone in the family can enjoy the space easily and comfortably. In a kitchen broken up by several doorways, the solution was an island-based layout that divides the 22×13 space into five zones: cooking, food storage , baking, breakfast, and meal prep/clean up. Wide traffic lanes throughout promote easy movement to and from the kitchen, as well as around the island.

I recently purchased a 1500 square foot house that was built in 1897 and it was the non-open floor plan that really sold me on it. Their are separate rooms for cooking, dining and general living and they are connected by large doorways with functioning doors.

They all say the open plan is great for entertaining, suggesting that their guests want to watch them cook and in the same sentence they say that the open floor plan is helpful because it allows you to be in the kitchen while your kids are elsewhere, it separates you from your kids.

Back to your post and my original post — as far as living goes — folks should just make sure they actually like The Open Floor Plan before committing to it — despite the fact that it is often quoted as being the single feature that reportedly has changed real estate.

Yet the folks that want and sell the open floor plan say things like, I can still talk and interact with my guests while I’m chopping vegetables.” Regardless of the floor plan, the chopping should have been done ahead of time so the host can enjoy his/her guests and vice floor planskitchen floor planskitchen floor plans