Kitchen Remodel Ideas For Making A Small Galley Kitchen Look Bigger

A second shot at an opposite angle focuses on the available space in the kitchen area. With a characteristic focus on functionality and efficiency, modern kitchen design also saves you money by incorporating up-to-date, energy efficient appliances and fixtures such as LED lighting, induction electric hobs, and refrigeration units which do not contain chemicals harmful to the ozone ideas

In a space-starved kitchen, it’s tempting to go the all-white route, but this kitchen opts for a layered mix of materials, including reclaimed South Carolina barnwood (the cabinets and shelves), galvanized metal (the countertops), soapstone (the sink), and even unlacquered brass (the hardware).

We believe in guiding our customers through every step of finding and fitting their new kitchen, so whether it’s inspiration you’re looking for or assistance with turning your ideas into reality, we can help you on your way to the kitchen of your dreams.

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Do make use of experts and their know-how; using an online kitchen planner and knowing broadly what you want from your kitchen layout is a great place to start, but for the more technical aspects of kitchen design and installation, a professional kitchen designer will help turn your dream kitchen into a ideas