I’m not talking about your run of the mill, small scale, 3D cartoons cobbled together by a design school intern. Take into consideration how much traffic flows through your kitchen and where the large traffic areas are. The rule of thumb when planning the layout is to keep your work triangle as small as possible while leaving as much open floor space as you can.

Many U-shape layouts include an island in the center, but this 17×20 one features an island with a capital I. The large, I-shape island was designed to accommodate everything, whether a family-size breakfast or a buffet dinner. The island can also delineate the kitchen zone without cutting it off, a plus if you like to socialise with guests while cooking.kitchen floor plans

LOL It’s not so big that everything in the kitchen can be seen by those in the dining room, but large enough to comfortably carry a tray through. Stove, drawer/counter,sink,counter on one wall, fridge & kitchen table on the other. The designs don’t allow for or encourage other activities — or silence (from the TV or the kitchen noise) and the hub of the house becomes the TV room. Designing or remodeling your kitchen or bath is as easy as 3. Software Kitchen & Bath Designer, IMSI FloorPlan 3D Home Design 11 Remodel & Home Design, IMSI FLOORPLAN 3D DESIGN SUITE 9. And if you have kids, you can keep an eye on them from the kitchen while you cook and perform other household duties. It’s also wise to have a floor plan so the decorating goes smoothly and looks good in the end. The TV propping while the parent can look on in an Open Floor Plan doesn’t foster interaction.

Although reading from floor plans is not always applicable especially to those who do not have formal schooling, they can receive instructions directly from the supervisor. The Island floor plan is very popular and provides a traffic-free environment with an abundance of counter space. Our home was built in the mid 60’s, and has real rooms, except for an eat in kitchen without a separate dining room. The rest of your house could be spotless, but under these floor plans, no one ever sees the rest of your house. Eat-in-Kitchen House Plans come in a huge variety of styles, accommodating house of every shape and size.kitchen floor plans

Such restaurant will have sample floor plans with open spaces that are used at will by both customers and employees. For a clean look, keep the floor finish consistent between the kitchen and dining/living areas. With an L-shaped layout, you’ll eliminate traffic: The kitchen will not become a thoroughfare because it’s just not logistically possible. The kitchen was near the back/side door and everyone came in and dumped their stuff on the counter. I didn’t realize until I read this post that that’s why I dislike open floor plans so much.kitchen floor plans