Sunroom Additions: Quality, factory-built room additions that can add functionality, versatility, and value to your home in one day. With over 50types and styles of rooms, R&R Sunrooms offers Charlotte NC home owners the largest selection of sunroom products in North & South Carolina. The company matches sunroom windows to the rest of the windows in the house and also connects the rooms’ heating and cooling to the house system.

We trust in good old-fashioned hard work to get great results in every job that we take on. Once your call Eicher’s Pro Vinyl to get your sunroom built right, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Adding a sunroom costs less than a conventional household addition, and can be built where local building codes and zoning ordinances restrict backyard additions. All you will need to worry about is finding the perfect sunroom furniture for your beautiful new room! Options such as sliding glass doorways and windows with double locks and childproof handles provide a measure of safety to your sunroom. Contact us today to find out how the pros at Special Additions can help you achieve your home improvement dreams. One of them is straight style sunroom which is normally used as a patio enclosure. The glossy glass and windows used in development of the sunroom helps to attract people at the 1st sight.

A Sunroom can be added to your deck, patio or porch using convenient panel systems that easily attach to existing structures or completely customized to match both the interior and exterior design of your home. You can find the names and contact numbers of dozens of sunroom manufacturers online, and by visiting their websites you’ll also find out whether or not they sell modular sunroom do-it-yourself kits. A sliding panel system like Eze-Breeze sunroom can allow for the desired air flow, with protection from bugs as well as protection from weather, dust and wind with its vinyl windows. The highest quality windows are of course the most expensive, but they will pay for themselves over time in lowering the heating and cooling costs of the sunroom.sunroom additionssunroom additions

It was interesting that several customers asked me if I would throw in the landscaping if they purchased the sunroom. You will also have to prepare the area for the sunroom before you start the construction. Finishing touches: Complete your sunroom design by bringing in wicker furniture, sweet-smelling flowering plants, and by using acrylic fabrics that resist fading in the sun. The price of the DIY kit you order will be based on the style and the method of constructing or installing your sunroom. A sunroom is usually referred to as a patio enclosure, conservatory, or Florida room.sunroom additions

Sunroom styles that are widely accepted are of four types; Curved, Straight, Cathedral, and Conservatory. A sunroom captures the light and warmth of the sun, which permits you to benefit from natural light instead of using electric light. Used as a patio enclosure, a sunroom addition can incorporate a hot tub for a relaxing retreat. It is important that once you receive your sunroom kit in the mail to check for complete accuracy of materials before you begin construction.